Amazon to Use Generative AI To Improve Product Reviews

Amazon to Use Generative AI To Improve Product Reviews

Amazon just stated1 that it would begin using generative AI to assist buyers learn more about a product’s reception without requiring them to read hundreds of reviews. According to the shop, the new technology will allow them to include a brief paragraph on the product description page that summarizes the attributes of the product and the general consumer emotion expressed in the reviews.

Amazon pointed out that this snippet of text may be utilized to gain a better feel for the recurring topics in the reviews.

Amazon will now provide clickable buttons highlighting crucial product qualities in addition to the summary text. A user may filter reviews based on keywords such as “ease of use” or “performance,” allowing them to quickly find feedback on certain aspects of a product.

Amazon said it will begin rolling out the new AI-powered capabilities to a “segment” of U.S. customers on mobile devices for a “broad selection” of items. The retail giant will use the testing period to get insight and make adjustments to its AI models. As the highlights feature gains more users, the company is trying to increase the number of categories it spotlights.

Naturally, the quality of AI summaries depends on the quality of the data sent into the system. And for years, Amazon has battled a problem with purchased reviews and other forms of fraudulent and deceptive product reviews.

As AI improves to sound more human, it may become even more difficult to recognize fraudulent reviews, which might spark a new wave of them. Unless the firm has alternative ways to prevent reviews produced by AI from appearing on the site, this would reduce the usefulness of Amazon’s AI-powered summaries of reviews.

Did you know:

In 2020, Amazon stopped more than 200 million suspected fake reviews before they were ever seen by a customer.


In response to the growing concern of fraudulent reviews, Amazon has taken a decisive step by implementing a new policy. Going forward, the e-commerce giant will consider only the feedback from customers who have made verified purchases.

Furthermore, Amazon assures its users that it is actively investing significant resources to combat and eliminate any misleading ratings and comments. This proactive approach demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of its review system.

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